Plantain chips is a very common snack in Ghana. It is often sold along streets and groceries stores. Travellers often buy plantain chips from street hawkers.

Plantain chips is made with ripe or unripe plantain. When done properly, you can’t resist the taste.

In this tutorial, I am going to give you a complete step on how to fry plantain chips at home and tips to frying the best plantain chips.

Summary of recipe

  • Ingredients needed to fry plantain chips
  • Steps to make plantain chips at home


Ingredients for plantain chips.

  • Ripe/unripe plantain
  • Vegetable oil
  • Salt
  • Water

Special items needed.

  • Sieve
  • Paper towels to drain oil
  • Vegetable slicer (optional)

Steps to prepare plantain chips in Ghana.


  • When using ripe plantains, make sure that they are still very hard. This helps to get a crunchy fries.
  • Flip the plantain chips continuously
  • Place the slices into the hot oil one at a time
  • Let chips cool completely before serving.

Follow the instructions below to fry plantain chips at home.

  1. Wash plantain
  2. Peel the plantain and put inside a bowl
  3. Using a vegetable slicer, thinly slice the plantains into a bowl of water. The water helps the plantain to maintain its colour. You can equally use a knife to slice the plantains.
  4. After slicing, add salt and stir gently
  5. Transfer the plantain into a sieve to drain the water.
  6. Put a saucepan on fire and pour into it vegetable oil
  7. Heat until hot.
  8. Put the slices of plantain into the oil in batches. Avoid putting plenty of the slices in the oil to prevent them from getting stuck together.
  9. Using a wooding spatula, stir the plantains till they are golden and crunchy.
  10. Transfer the fried slices into a sieve lined with paper towels to drain oil
  11. Package in an air-tight container when they have cooled down completely.
  12. Your crunchy plantain chips are ready. Enjoy your snack with coca cola or nothing.

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