Brukina, also known as Burkina or millet drink is a Ghanaian street food (drink) made of millet and milk. It is mostly produced and consumed in the Northern parts of Ghana.

In recent times, it has become popular across the entire nation due to its unique taste and composition.

In this post, I am going to give you

  • A step by step guide on how to prepare Brukina (Brukina recipe)
  • Benefits of Brukina
  • And many more

Before I take you through the steps to prepare Brukina, let us have a look at the health benefits of Brukina drink.

Is Brukina healthy? Yes, it is. See the health benefits below.

  • It is rich in Vitamins (B1, B2, B3 and B6).
  • It is rich in calcium. Calcium helps regulate contraction of muscles, nerve conduction, build strong bones, etc
  • It is also rich in protein for cellular growth.


Items needed.

  • Colander
  • Small basin/bowl
  • Sieve
  • Cooking pot

Ingredients for Brukina

  • Millet
  • Fresh cow milk
  • Milk powder (optional)
  • water

Steps to prepare Brukina.

Follow the instructions given below to make millet drink. Kindly leave all your questions in the comment box below. Thank you.

  1. Pour the millet into a sizeable pan.
  2. Wash it and soak it overnight.
  3. Drain the water out of the soaked millet.
  4. Grind it into a rough or coarse texture. You can use a blender or take it to a mill near you.
  5. Take a cup and fetch the millet into the sieve and use your hands to roll vigorously over them until they form tiny balls.
  6. Pour water in a cooking pot and place it on your stove or coal pot over high heat.
  7. As the water gets heated, pour the tiny millet balls into the colander and place it as the lid on your cooking pot.
  8. Use some of the millet with water to form a thick paste
  9. Use the thick paste to plaster around the colander and cooking pot to prevent the vapour from escaping.
  10. Cover the colander tightly and allow the vapour from the hot water to soften it.
  11. Turn it from time to time to make sure it’s uniformly cooked.
  12. When the millet balls become soft and well cooked, pour it into a basin and allow it to cool down.
  13. After cooling, pour fresh milk and mix them thoroughly.
  14. Add sugar to taste.
  15. Add some ice cubes to make it chilled
  16. Stir and serve whiles cold.

how to prepare brukina

Brukina needs not to be served with any other meal. It is a complete meal on its own. Get your stuff together and make yourself this awesome beverage.

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