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Sausage fried rice is simply fried rice made mainly with sausages and a few other ingredients like vegetables which are almost always a part of fried rice recipes.Fried rice can be eaten for lunch or dinner.

It is a popular and simple meal to make. In this article we look at a simple but tasty sausage fried rice recipe. Enjoy!



2 tablespoons of vegetable oil

2 sausages (chopped)

1 small onion (chopped)

1 garlic clove (ground)

1 small carrot (grated)

2 eggs (beaten)

½ of a small green bell pepper (chopped)

Soy sauce (to taste)

½ teaspoon of cayenne pepper

2 cups of long grain rice (cooked)


What Sausage Fried Rice Can Be Served With       

Sausage fried rice can be served with pepper sauce, fried or grilled chicken, fried or grilled fish, steak, pork or vegetables.


Special Utensils

  1. Wok
  2. Wooden spoon



  1. Heat some oil in a large wok and add the ground garlic and onions. Stir for about a minute.
  2. Now add the sausage, fry for about 4 minutes and add the egg. Let it form and use a wooden spoon to stir.
  3. Add the chopped bell pepper, grated carrot and soy sauce. Stir well.
  4. Add the cooked rice to it and  mix together. Keep frying it for a while.
  5. Add the cayenne pepper and mix well. It is now ready to serve.
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