Pawpaw Stew Recipe
Pawpaw also known as Papaya is a tropical fruit and it has great benefits to the body. Did you know that this fruit can be used in preparing delicious stew? Learn and cook it yourself

Health benefits of Pawpaw stew
It’s a good source of fibre, which helps bring down cholesterol.
It’s rich in antioxidants, Vitamins B and C, carotenes, flavonoids, and minerals including potassium and magnesium for body development.

1 medium-sized unriped Pawpaw
Smoked Fish or Cooked Meat (any of preference)
Fresh Tomatoes
Can Tomato
1 Onion
2 cloves of garlic
Ginger (quantity of choice)
Hot pepper
Cooking oil( any of preference)
Seasoning powder/cubes
Shrimp powder (if preferred)
Curry powder (if preferred)

Wash, peel pawpaw and cut it into pieces (remove seeds)
Pour inside a saucepan, add water and boil for 15-20mins until soft
Blend it and set aside
Wash and cut onion, garlic, ginger and pepper in pieces. Blend them
Heat oil and pour blended onion,garlic, ginger and pepper. Allow it to cook until it thickens
Add can tomato and cook for 2-5mins then add fresh tomatoes.
Add smoked fish or cooked meat. Add seasoning cube/powder or shrimp powder(if preferred) and curry powder. Allow it to simmer for 5-10mins
Add your blended pawpaw and salt to taste. Let it cook for 10mins(until you see oil on top of stew)
Serve Pawpaw stew with Rice or Yam. Enjoy!!!


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