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How to make Spring Rolls wrappers

Spring Rolls wrappers Recipe

Spring rolls are favorite Chinese snack eaten by people in different continents.

In other to make Spring Rolls recipe, you will need the wrappers. I used the batter method  instead of the dough to make my wrappers because the batter made the wrappers have a better texture when fried.

Making the wrappers is not difficult. It is an easy method



Add water to batter if it has a thick consistency and add flour if very thin

You can lift pan when hot to spread batter evenly before cooking

The wrappers should not be too dry to avoid breaking when filling

Avoid stacking wrappers together to avoid them sticking together




1 cup of all-purpose flour

1 or 2 teaspoons of salt

3 teaspoons of corn flour(if preferred)

2 or 3 teaspoons of cooking oil




Making Batter for wrappers

Add all purpose flour, corn flour(if preferred) and salt together in a bowl

Mix the dry ingredients using your hands or spoon and add water

Mix or whisk well until batter is smooth, slightly thin with no lumps( batter should be of a flowing consistency)


Making Spring Roll Wrappers

Brush or grease pan with oil and set it on a low heat(For non-stick Pan you can skip the oil)

Add 2 or more teaspoons of batter(depending on the size of rolling you want) and spread it in Pan( Spread batter by rotating pan or use the spoon in a circular motion)

Cook the wrappers until the sides starts to curl up and the wrapper become translucent( Make sure the wrappers are thin, they break when filling if thick)

Remove wrapper when it’s cooked( No need to cook both side)

Allow the spring roll wrappers to cool down before filling it to make Spring Rolls recipe( You can store it in fridge to be used later). Enjoy!!


Agatha Nyame
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