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Sandesh, also known as pranahara is a Bengali dessert made from paneer, curd/lemon juice, sugar and some flavourings. In preparing sandesh, the best choice of milk should be full cream milk. Sandesh is not difficult to make. It can be enjoyed both on regular days and during festive seasons.

Today, we bring you the steps to preparing sandesh.



Three and a half cups of whole milk

5 tablespoons of curd

Almond powder

¼ cup of sugar

¼ teaspoon of cardamom powder



What Sandesh Can Be Served With

It is usually eaten alone but garnished with pistachios, almonds or mango.


Special Utensils


Cheese cloth

Non-stick pan



1.Pour three and a half cups of milk into a pan and bring to boil.

2.Add 5 tablespoons of curd to the milk and stir. Do this till the milk starts to curdle and turn the fire off. Leave it for a minute.

3.Put a cheese cloth over a colander and strain the paneer through the cloth.

4.Squeeze the excess water from the paneer and tie a knot with the cloth. Let it hang for some time to drain the excess whey.

5.Put the paneer and almond powder in a bowl and knead together till it becomes smooth.

6.Put the paneer to a non-stick pan and add sugar and cardamom powder. Heat it on low heat and fry for about 5 minutes.

7.Allow it to finish cooling and knead it lightly.

8.Roll them into balls and flatten them a little. Garnish with some pistachios in the center. Keep it in the fridge for about 2 hours and serve.

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