Asaana is a Ghanaian drink made from fermented corn and caramelized sugar. It’s locally produced in the southern part of Ghana. It has this amazing taste when milk is added. Just follow this simple steps to make your homemade Asaana.


Health Benefits of Corn Drink (asaana)

Corn or maize is the most popular cereals in the world and forms the staple food in many countries, including the United States and many African countries controlling diabetes, prevention of heart ailments, lowering hypertension and prevention of neural-tube defects at birth.


Ingredients for asaana drink

2 Cup of Fermented corn

4 Cups of Sugar

Milk (if preferred)



Crushed corn then soak in water for 3 days. This helps with the fermentation of corn.( You need to ferment corn)

Pour fermented corn into a large saucepan,add enough water and boil for about 30-40 min.(When the form on top disappears, corn is ready to be used for drink)

Under medium heat, add sugar in a saucepan.

Stir continuously for 5-10 mins until it turns dark brown and make sugar syrup.

Using a sieve, strain the water from the boiled corn.

Add the strained water to sugar syrup and stir

If a chaff develops, strain the chaff with a clean cloth and store in a fridge.

Pour your corn drink into glass and serve with ice cubes or milk. Enjoy!!


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