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Black beans are legumes eaten by South American,  Mexican and Carribean  people. They are also referred to as turtle beans because  they have a hard coat that is like a shell. These black beans are a good source of potassium, fiber, folate and vitamin B6.

In this article, we bring you a recipe on how to cook black beans.



2 cups of black beans

Bay leaf


Salt (to taste)

Powdered pepper (to taste)



What Black Beans Can Be Served With

Black beans can be served with rice or couscous.



1.Remove debris or waste particles from the beans and rinse thoroughly with water.

2.Put some beans into a pot together with garlic, onions, bay leaf and spices. Add water to cover the beans by about 3 inches.

3.Cook slowly until it becomes soft. This can take about 2 hours.

4.Remove the garlic, onions and bay leaves and season the beans with salt and pepper.

5.Remove from the fire when ready and serve.

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