Friday, March 5, 2021
mackerel sauce recipe

How to Prepare Mackerel Sauce. Easiest Ways

We bring how to prepare mackerel sauce. Mackerel sauce can be served with: Plain rice boiled yam boiled plantain oil rice You need these few...
braised rice angwamu

How To Prepare Angwamu (Braised Rice)

Braised rice locally known as angwamu is rice prepared with oil and onions. It is mostly enjoyed as a main meal coupled with green...
green pepper sauce

How To Prepare Spicy Green Pepper Sauce

In this post, I teach you how to prepare green pepper sauce the easiest way. Green pepper sauce can be eaten with yam chips, ampesi,...
How To Prepare Yam And Egg Sauce

How To Prepare Yam And Egg Sauce

Welcome to My Recipe Joint. Today I am going to give you a step by step guide on how to prepare Egg Sauce and...
ghana salad recipe

How to Prepare Salad. Easy Method

Salad in Ghana has gained much public appeal. Salad can be eaten alone or coupled with several other dishes such as Rice and stew,...

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