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African Doughnut (Puff Puff) Recipe

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How to prepare African Doughnut(Puff Puff)

Nigerian Puff Puff is a sweet deep fried dough, soft and fluffy on the inside and crunchy on the outside. It is very sweet snack and has a great taste.

This snack is eaten in most of the countries called with different names. It is known as Bofrot in Ghana, Liberians call them kala and they are known as Mikate in Congo and Beinye in Cameroon.

Healthy Benefits

  1. High in carbohydrates and sugars which gives you energy.
  2. High in calories



  1. Make sure to deep fry doughnut to avoid them becoming flat



3 cups of Flour

0.3 cup of sugar

2 teaspoons fast action active dry yeast

Cooking oil

0.75 teaspoon of nutmeg

0.75 teaspoon of salt



In a large bowl, mix sugar and 1.5 cups warm water. Add in the yeast(leave for 5 mins to activate the yeast)

Mix flour,salt and nutmeg into a bowl. Pour in yeast, sugar solution and mix into a smooth batter(Add little water to bather if it is too thick)

Cover the puff puff batter for at least 1 hour until it has doubled in size.

Under medium heat, put more oil into pan( Make sure to heat oil until hot before adding batter)

Drop two or three balls of batter into hot oil using a spoon or hand

Fry doughnut until all sides are golden brown.

frying puff puff

Remove doughnut from oil when cooked. Drain on kitchen paper or colander.

Add some icing sugar before serving( if preferred). You can serve doughnut with porridge. Enjoy!!


Agatha Nyame
Agatha Nyame is a food lover, a musician and a nurse. She is the Chief Content Editor of My Recipe Joint. She spends most of her time recording music and sharing recipes to the everyday Ghanaian. Agatha is currently a practicing Nurse in Ghana. Get in touch via Telephone: +233 (0) 542 336 819


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