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How to prepare Chin Chin. Easiest Way.

Welcome to your favourtie food blog.

Today I am going to teach you how to make chin chin. Stay with me for the next 20 minutes as I give you the complete to making chin chin in Ghana.

Chin chin is commonly known as achomo in Ghana. It is a popular snack which is prepared by deep frying method.

If you want to prepare for yourself or start a chin chin business, this recipe is for you.

Now let’s have a look at the ingredients used to make Chin Chin.



  • All-purpose flour
  • Sugar
  • Grounded one preferably
  • Butter
  • Eggs
  • nutmeg (optional)
  • Vegetable oil
  • Salt
  • Powdered Ginger (optional)

Nigerian Chin Chin

Steps to prepare Chin Chin

  1. Wash a clean bowl and pour flour, sugar, nutmeg and salt. You can add powdered ginger if you prefer.
  2. Add butter
  3. Using your fingers mix the ingredients in the bowl until a consistent uniform mixture is obtained.
  4. Crack and add eggs to the flour mixture.
  5. Mix until the dough is formed and uniform.
  6. Clean a wooden surface put the dough onto it.
  7. Knead it and roll it out to about an inch thick.
  8. Form and cut dough into square pieces and separate them on a clean surface.
  9. Pour vegetable oil into sauce pan and heat it under high heat enough to fry the chin chin
  10. In small batches, add the square dough pieces into the hot oil.
  11. Fry for about 5 – 7 minutes depending on how you want it.
  12. Transferred cooked chin chin unto a tissue or paper towel to drain excel oil.
  13. Allow them to cool down.

It can be served with chilled coke or any soft drink of choice.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Chin Chin

Why does my oil foam when frying Chin Chin?

To prevent oil from foaming, make sure it is hot enough. You can test the heat by putting a piece of chin chin in the oil. If it foams it means the oil is not very hot for frying.

How do you preserve chin chins?

Chin chin is best preserved in air tight containers or or rappers. This helps to preserve it for at least a month.

Can I make money from chin chin business

Obviously yes. A well crafted business plan and execution will ensure your success in the business.

Is baking powder compulsory for Chin Chin?

No. It is completely optional.

Agatha Nyame
Agatha Nyame is a food lover, a musician and a nurse. She is the Chief Content Editor of My Recipe Joint. She spends most of her time recording music and sharing recipes to the everyday Ghanaian. Agatha is currently a practicing Nurse in Ghana. Get in touch via Telephone: +233 (0) 542 336 819


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