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African Salad (Abacha and Ugba)

African Salad (Abacha and Ugba)

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African Salad (Abacha and Ugba)


  • 200g Abacha (African dried shredded cassava)
  • 200g Ugba (Ukpaka or Oil Bean)
  • 1 cup Stockfish
  • 1 cup Kpomo (Cow Skin)
  • 1 cup Mkpuru Mmiri (Potash)
  • 2 tablespoons Ground Ehu (Calabash Nutmeg)
  • 2 tablespoons Powdered Ose Nsukka (Nigerian edible powdered Potash)
  • 1 teaspoon Ogiri Igbo (traditional seasoning)
  • 2 tablespoons Uziza seeds (optional)
  • 1 onion, chopped
  • 2 stock cubes
  • Salt to taste
  • Ugba ukpaka oil (Palm Oil)
  • Mgbam (Okpei) (optional)
  • Utazi leaves, chopped (for garnishing)
  • Ukpaka
  • Maggi
  • Uziza seeds
  • Ose Nsukka
  • Ehu

Preparation Steps

  1. Soak the Abacha in cold water for about 10 minutes until it softens. Rinse in cold water and set aside.
  2. Wash and shred the Ugba with a knife or grater.
  3. Place the stockfish in a pot, add water, and cook till tender. Remove the center bone and shred into smaller pieces.
  4. Wash the kpomo and cook till tender.
  5. Dissolve the potash in a small quantity of water and sieve out the water. Set the water aside.
  6. Pound the Ehu seeds till fine. Add a small quantity of potash water to the powder and stir. Set aside.
  7. Wash the ugba with potash water to remove dirt and traces of potash. Rinse in clean water and pour into a sieve to drain.
  8. Heat up 2 cooking spoons of palm oil in a pot for a few minutes. Add the onions and the ground Ehu, and stir for about a minute.
  9. Add the stock cubes, Ogiri Igbo, and the shredded stockfish, kpomo, and ugba. Stir very well till they are all well combined.
  10. Add a generous quantity of palm oil and the potash water in small quantities. Keep tasting as you add the potash water. The Abacha should have a slightly sweet taste when done.
  11. Add the powdered Ehu, crayfish, pepper, and salt to taste. Stir very well and add the uziza leaves and Mgbam (Okpei) (if using). Stir very well and remove the pot from heat.
  12. Leave the pot uncovered for about 2 minutes and stir again. Your African Salad (Abacha and Ugba) is ready!
  13. Serve with Ugba ukpaka oil, sliced onions, and utazi leaves.

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